With their cypress trees, forested mountains and cooler climate, the Ionian islands are a lighter, greener version of Greece. The dominance of the French, the Italians and the British have shaped the architecture, culture, (excellent) cuisine – and the unique feel of Ionian life.

Though the islands appear linked in a chain down the west coast of mainland Greece, each has its own identity with a unique  landscape and cultural history. Corfu Town has Parisian-style arcades and Italian-inspired delicacies. Kefallonia boasts soaring mountains and vineyards; Paxi’s Italianate harbour villages are impossibly pretty; and soulful Ithaki preserves wild terrain and a amazing glimpse in mythology. Zakynthos has sea caves and breathtaking views. Lastly, Lefkada has some of the best turquoise beaches in Greece, while Kythira feels mysterious and mesmerising undiscovered. The Ionians offer something for adventure seekers, food lovers, culture vultures and beach bums alike.

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