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Caribbean Tour

8 Days
The island is famous for its beaches – and deservedly so. The island’s 35-mile (68 km) coastline has 33, many of them among the best in the Caribbean. Their soft white sands slope into shallow blue waters as calm, soothing and warm as the islanders’ gracious welcome and easy-going attitude. There are beaches to match every taste. Many are secluded and quiet, a few are a little busier, some are perfect for gentle walking and others are coves that could have been designed for diving or snorkeling.
Take advantage of one of the idyllic sand beaches that this island has to offer. In Barbuda you will see an island that is unspoilt by tourism. It is renowned for its beaches which are natural, sprinkled with pink sand, and miles long. Time to put on the snorkelling gear to view Barbuda’s beautiful coral reefs with their abundant marine life.
With stunning coastal scenery, deep bays and perfect sailing conditions, Antigua is a premier yachting centre and year-round destination. Spend your morning enjoying the water sports and in the afternoon enjoy a game of golf at the Cedar Valley Gold Club.
St. Kitts & Nevis
While development has been of the highest quality, it has fortunately remained in low quantity, so St. Kitts remains un-crowded and unspoiled, famous around the world for excellent preservation of the ecosystems.
St. Eustatius
Just close your eyes and imagine the Caribbean about 25 or 30 years ago. Clean, unhurried and unspoiled. Pristine living, reefs teeming with fish. Gentle trade winds. Now open your eyes and discover the beautiful little island of St. Eustatius, affectionately known as Statia.
Saba Island
Four small villages are as quaint and charming as the gentle, friendly manner of the Saban people, descended from hardy 17th century pioneers. Visitors feel they have stepped back in history, yet many modern luxuries are here to be enjoyed.
St. Barth
St. Barth was devastated by hurricane Irma. But thanks to extremely hard work by every­one, the island is back on its feet, and the best spots for fun and relaxation await you: white-sand beaches, surfing, diving, shopping, festivities and many more!
St. Maarten
St. Maarten/St. Martin’s spicy marriage of Caribbean, French and Dutch cultures matches its physical diversity: the island is both urban and untamed, with rain forest-like landscapes, white beaches, and amazing caves and wildlife. St. Maarten is one of the Caribbean’s most popular vacation spots.