We would like to share with you our great Refit news!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Light Holic is currently undergoing a Refit with the following upgrades:

  • Complete repainting of the exterior
  • Upgrade of the audio/visual system with integrated entertainment and climate remote control
  • Replacement of all exterior lights with LED, eco-friendly lights
  • New carpet through-out our Mega Yacht
  • Total replacement of all external soft furnishing
  • Biological and anti-microbial treatment of the air-conditioning and ventilation system
  • Complete biological cleaning of all fan coil units and anti-microbial tablets in the drain trays
  • Thorough Service of Bioxigen air cleaning system-which cleans the supplied air before circulation in the vessel ducts
  • Extensive cleaning of the vessel’s duct system by use of an ROV (remotely operated vehicle)